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TheI love the visual effects in Unreal. Very few games have come close to it's graphical excellence even though it is nearly a year old and it is due an update in the form of S3TC. purpose of this site is to provide a useful guide to the less experienced 3D card buyer and to provide more in-depth information for those who want it.

My main reason for setting up the site is that while online, whether I am playing a game or in a chat room or if I come across a forum of some kind, I notice that a lot of people ask questions about 3D cards and their function(s). Many people do not fully understand the huge boost in power a 3D card can offer, let alone understand terms like Bi-linear filtering, Alpha blending, Texture mapping, Anisotropic filtering, Triple buffering and so on and so forth. The most common question is definitely 'What is bi-linear filtering?' and 'Should I enable it?'.

Also, there is the question of which 3D cards are best for each machine. Many similar sites concentrate on which card gives the absolute best performance and even on which CPU gives best performance failing to take peoples individual machines into account. This means that many people end up reading a pile of statistics that mean next to nothing to them and bring them no closer to finding the right card for them.

I hope with this site that I can give people a clearer idea of what is involved in this amazing aspect of PC technology and that it assists them in finding the right card. I try to do it in a balanced way, with both performance and image quality being taken into account. If you feel there is any way in which I can improve this site, make it more user friendly, simpler or if you want something made clearer to you and have any questions please feel free to e-mail me.