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NVidia were one of the first 3D chipset manufacturers to enter the PC market. Their first chip was incorporated into the Diamond Edge card. This card also had sound capabilities built in and was promoted as the first fully integrated multimedia solution. These were the early days of PC 3D acceleration and the card never really took off having a very minimal effect on 3D performance and requiring (for the time) a whopping Pentium 90 class system. The only other card available at the time was the 3D Blaster VLB from Creative Labs. Based on the Glint chipset and designed for 486's with a VESA Local BUS, this card also flopped despite having fairly decent performance. It is commendable though that NVidia were among the first to envision a 3D accelerator as it now exists. The chips that followed were somewhat more successful. The Riva 128ZX was a moderately popular chip and was slightly faster than 3dfx Voodoo, but, had slightly poorer image quality. Then, in late '98 came the Riva TNT. A fully featured AGP 2X card, it took the world by storm. The image quality was superb, the speed was in the Voodoo2 region and it's 2D was also excellent. The TNT2 was released in early '99 and looks likely to follow in the TNT's footsteps.