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Intel are a relatively late arrival in the 3D arena and their first chip was the i740. An AGP 2X chip co-designed by Intel and Real3D it was fairly well recieved, but, couldn't compete with chips released around the same time. Image quality is among the best you can get, but, the speed, while good, was lacking when compared to the likes of the Matrox G200 and the NVidia Riva TNT. However cards based on the i740 are quite cheap and are a decent buy for the gamer on a budget. Intel is also set to release it's i810 chip, which is again fairly low-end and aimed at the budget gamer. It is part of an integrated multimedia system and will use main memory rather than any local memory to store it's textures, etc. Most cards that do this end up being very slow when compared with stand-alone cards, but, Intel has a few technological tricks to keep the speed up. Might be interesting. You could do worse than an Intel card at the moment, but then again, there are so many REALLY GOOD cards available quite cheaply, that you'd wonder if it's worth taking the performance drop for the sake of a little more money. PCI versions of their cards are also available.