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Zelda 64 for the N64 (funnily enough) has great 3D graphics for a console. I like the game anyhow. So you want to know who I am? What are my interests? What do I do when I'm not making web sites? OK, I'll tell you :)

My name is Joel Bennett and I live in Ireland. I was born June 25th 1980. I enjoy both playing, arranging and listening to music, making web sites ( I go), computer technology, simple programming (so far), reading, gaming and other internet stuff. I was formerly known as Pixelator (from the word Pixel) and after a while I shortened it to Pix because everyone called me that anyway and Pixelator takes about 10 times longer to type.

What sort of music do I like? Well, let me see..... I don't have any particularly favourite type of music as I tend to grab little bits of music from nearly every genre. The main exceptions to this rule are soul, country, rap and other modern boy/girl band stuff. I really don't like most modern chart stuff because it is repetitive and always sticks to the same format. That's not to say that I don't like ANY modern music. The Cardigans, Garbage and Sash have all caught my attention recently to varying degrees. While we're talking about music, I might as well tell you that I play keyboards and record music using simple MIDI recorders and sometimes Cubase VST. I have a website that showcases some of my music called (naturally) Pix's Music.   I enjoy a lot of games music as well and have set up another site based on that. X-treme Games Music is a site for anyone who appreciates good, well arranged, games music.

This site is a product of my interest in new technology and as 3D is the most dynamic PC market at the moment and because people were always inquiring about different aspects of 3D, the most common question being 'What is Bi-Linear Filtering?', I thought I'd base it on that. This is the product of my labour. I hope you like it and find it interesting and useful. Thanks for visiting :)